WordPress.com Goes Open Source And Gets An App


WordPress.com, the fully hosted version of WordPress, has a received one of its biggest updates ever. Codenamed Calypso, Automattic, the company behind wordpress.com rewrote WordPress.com from scratch — everything is new under the hood. Here are the big changes.

The new WordPress.com codebase, codenamed “Calypso,” moves WordPress.com away from MySQL and PHP. It’s built entirely in JavaScript, and communicates with WordPress.com only using WordPress REST API. This means the new WordPress.com is a browser-based client for our API, just like any other application built on top of it — lighter, faster, and more flexible for a mobile-focused world.

WordPress.com is now fully separated from the WordPress core. WordPress.com is now an admin interface that interacts with the WordPress core just like any other third-party interface and app out there. It uses a REST API to fetch your posts, publish new ones, upload photos and more.

It’s a Single Page Application, meaning that you will get very few loading screens when you interact with the interface. It should work well on your phone and tablet as well — everything is responsive.

The code was also made is open source and is on GitHub. You can look at the code, fork it and reuse it as long as you comply with the GNU General Public License version 2.

25 percent of the web today runs on WordPress. With today’s move, Automattic proves that it is still aware of its environment and potential threats. It’s an encouraging sign for the future of WordPress.



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