Why Nigerians And Africans Must Embrace E-learning

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Why Nigerians And Africans Must Embrace E-learning

E-learning is the future, and the future is here, the question you should be asking yourself is are you here with e-learning? Employers are not really interested in certificates but on your skills, gone are the days when your certificate gives you an edge, boosting ones knowledge through E-learning have been proven to be more effective, this is because it saves time, resources, it provides flexible options for taking courses, training can be received anywhere and at one’s convenience.

E-learning is one of the ways in which Nigeria can improve on her fallen standard of education as technology is being explored in learning. E-learning training programs are flexible this will help the intended learner take training while engaging in other things, the program also engages the learner. In all essence learning is made at the tip of one’s fingertip.

Globally today, learning has taken a new dimension, technology has made it possible for a different method, approach and form of learning. Technology enhanced learning are ways in which technology is used in one form or the other to support and make learning possible, available, accessible and then affordable.

In Nigeria one might see E-learning as an old form of distance learning, but it’s actually beyond that, e-learning makes use of extensive electronic, media and internet to converge learning. Nigeria embracing E-learning will definitely help in raising the standards of education, this is because E-learning has evolved since technology was first used in education.

The recent growing trend of E-learning is mostly beneficial to developed countries due to the relevant content and responsive learner community. The beauty of E-learning is that anyone can have access to the service, there’s no geographic barrier among learners. So therefore, a global participation can be ensured.


Affordable: E-learning programs are at low cost compared to other forms of learning, you don’t have to worry about spending most of your income on the programs and they are very affordable.

Flexibility: Training can be taken anywhere, anytime, with any device and that your own convenience. This allows you to learn at your own pace, no other form of learning can offer you the same kind of flexibility as E-learning programs.

Convenience: The training allows you to engage in other things, you don’t have to worry about schedules, going class, meeting deadlines. It is very beneficial especially for the working professionals, who finds it difficult to go back to school. With the help of E-Learning you can learn using the format that makes the most sense to you, being able to learn in your own way outside of a classroom is much easier to transition especially if you have been in the job force for a long time.

Consistent content: The program provides consistent content, materials can easily be downloaded, and instructional materials are easily updated. Learning becomes easier as you can study materials at your own pace.

Engaging: E-learning programs tends to engage the learner with the use of multimedia which aids learning through the use of audio, videos, quizzes and other forms of interaction.

Student centered: one of the importance of E-learning it focuses on the individual needs. Learners have access to resources, and referral materials, teaching sessions, professional and knowledgeable instructors.

Learning services: E-learning provides different learning services, it is not restricted to a particular area, profession or field. Organization that offers E-learning provides different learning services like online education, training program, software program, and web based program among others.

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