Why a learning Culture Will Benefit Your Company

Learning in a corporate environment

What keeps top performers at your company? Is it the free lunch, or the frequent meetings? Surprisingly, research shows that while those perks are nice, they’re not the top indicators of a highly desirable workplace. What your employees actually want is a strong learning culture. According to Human Cognition (HCI), creating a learning culture leads to a closer alignment between business and development. It’s really a value add for an organization.

What is a learning culture?

A learning culture is a collection of values, practices, and processes that an organization follows, concerning learning. It also includes how that knowledge and competence is applied to work.

Why a learning culture?

An organization with a learning culture encourages continuous learning. Since constant learning elevates an individual as a worker and as a person, it also opens opportunities for the establishment to transform continuously for the better. Employees are looking for development. They want to grow, learn, and move up in your company. A learning culture can make your staff more open to new ideas, and it encourages more employee collaboration.

A lack of learning and development is the reason many companies are losing their top young talent. A 2012 study published Harvard Business Review found that young managers feel they don’t receive the amount of mentoring, coaching and training that they really want.

In today’s corporate world, it seems the only thing constant is rapid change. When your employees embrace learning and sharing that knowledge with their department, your whole company can stay ahead of the curve. A study conducted by a Canadian Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, studied workers in the hotel industry who engaged in learning. According to the study, employers who provided the trainings found a 27% return on their investment, some even experienced revenue gains of more than $2,000. Strong learning cultures can make the whole company work better together.

No business can survive without a learning culture in the long run. Despite there being clear benefits to having a learning culture, many organizations give little-to-no thought on how to foster one, or even discuss why they would want to. In this article, we have outlined some few benefits of adopting a learning culture in your company that will definitely set you on the right track.

Benefits of a Learning Culture

There are many benefits of a cultivated learning culture in an organization. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased efficiency, productivity and profit;
  • Increased employee satisfaction and decreased turnover;
  • An improvement mindset among employees;
  • A developed sense of ownership and accountability;
  • Ease in succession/transition;
  • A culture of knowledge inquiry and sharing;
  • An enhanced ability for workers to adapt to change.

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