The Modern Learners


The global corporate learning environment is rapidly evolving, attributable to the overwhelming presence of millennials in work-force. The generation to grow up never knowing the world without the Internet, raised with boundless technology at their fingertips, making up 50% of the mobile workforce. When I hear folks in their 40s, 50s and 60s talking about this generation, it’s almost always with a combination of irritation and confusion. However, if you want to attract and keep the best modern workers, you may have to re-think your policies about when and how work gets done or you’ll continue to lose your best young employees to companies that respond to their yearnings. To help you get in sync with modern learners, we’ve pulled together facts and stats from various research papers to create a clear profile.

Infographic by Elucidat. Read more about The Profile of the Modern Learner.


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