Make Failure Your Best Friend

    seeing failure as your bestfriend

    Failure is often seen as the opposite of success. In the world, success is believed to be everything that is why when you experience failure your mind is conditioned to fear failure. But everybody fails, the secret is that the world’s most successful visionaries, inventors, and entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of failing because they don’t waste their mistakes, instead they learn from it. Anyone can make failure their best friend by maintaining a teachable attitude and using a strategy for learning from their mistakes.

    Failure is a practice for success. We are familiar with the life story of Abraham Lincoln of how he failed in business twice, lost eight elections, and suffered a nervous breakdown before he became the 16th American president. Truth be told, not everything we attempt will result in success. Every time we do something new, take a risk to step out of our comfort zone, we learn something which helps us grow and become more successful. When Thomas Edison finally invented the lightbulb, he said “I didn’t fail a thousand times. I just found a thousand different ways it didn’t work.”

    The number one secret to success is to embrace failure rather than avoid it. One of the greatest quotes of Thomas Edison states that “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”. As a matter of great concern, until you start making failure your best friend, your best potentials may never be fulfilled.

    maximizing failure

    How Best to Minimize Failure

    1. Change Your Mind-set About Failure

    How to achieve this:

    • Increase your expectations;
    • Reject Mediocrity;
    • Assess your skills;
    • Team up with others;
    • Discard unworkable ideas.
    1. Understand The Cause Of Your Mistake

    Embracing the truth is the only option in achieving this. Yeah, it is really hard facing the truth or acknowledge the source of your mistakes. But Understanding the cause of your mistakes helps you to be objective and focus, which in turn helps you to succeed.

    1. You Can Be A Failure Detective

    You can help yourself minimize failure by taking the following actions:

    • Own it;
    • Ask and answer objectively;
    • List lessons and changes to make;
    • Name the opportunity;
    • Get feedback.
    1. See Failure As A Practice For Success

    Failure helps you to the do the following:

    • Gives you information that helps you focus;
    • makes us sharper by exposing overconfidence and complacency;
    • Failing deepens our understanding of how it all works.
    1. Failing Is Feedback

    The fact you failed in your career, relationship or marriage doesn’t mean you should tag yourself as a total failure. See failure as a method of feedback. It is the process that allows you to learn from mistakes. Failing is only temporary. It is essential in the learning process. Failing is sometimes a necessary struggle in the process called Life. Because it can help you to gain your confidence.

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