ITIL Foundation Certificate Training: Why You should Be Certified

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                   The Promise of ITIL Foundation Certificate Training

Most organizations aren’t operating effectively because the management fails to address the management of their IT services thereby, undermining the power of their IT services in running their organization. An organization without a proper management of its IT service is like a head without the neck. A banking organization will most likely think the organization is basically about finance but in actual sense IT Services actually drives the business activities through the use of Automated Teller Machines, e-Banking etc. Through the use of the ITIL Service life-cycle, the framework helps organizations transform and adapt to the changing economic climate and the market place. There is a growing demand on IT service professionals which is globally recognized across the world, thereby, making ITIL foundation training most beneficial to interested individuals.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the world’s leading set of service management best practices, it is the most widely accepted foundation framework, a set of practices, used by companies to manage IT services. It provides the structure to manage and deliver different services so that users have a consistent experience. The ITIL practices helps to achieve good quality service and also helps overcome difficulties that may crop up in the development of IT systems.

ITIL foundation training offers you a general knowledge and awareness of key concepts, terminologies, and elements used in ITIL. The training is beneficial to anyone who has interest in the course, a key contributor to ITIL’s success is associated with the training scheme.

What are the benefits of being certified?

Globally recognized as one of the best practices that finds implementation in the IT service managements, it is also globally implemented, which means that ITIL practices are accepted across the world. Certified professionals stand a good chance of being recognized globally.

It is beneficial to the organization; the more qualified ITIL personnel that translate to cost reduction on training. Through the use of the ITIL Service life-cycle, the framework helps organizations transform and adapt to the changing economic climate and the market place. This helps with implementation of further improvements to practices that are oriented at achieving high levels of business performance, it also enhances productivity, good customer relations and satisfaction, increased return over investment (ROI).

There is a growing demand for ITIL professionals in the field, making it an additional skill that gives anyone an edge over the rest of the competitors seeking the same role, as it is becoming a requirements among employers and recruiters. While, undergoing certification training professional tends to get familiarize with ITIL terms, phrases, and terminologies of conveying information that applies across global supply chains.

Better pay, as with other certifications, certification facilitate a pay rise and a promotion to higher tier roles and position. ITIL has been ranked among the top 15 highest paying certification for 2015 by a number of researchers on the web.

What you will learn                                                   

  • Application of ITIL tools.
  • Practices to improve customer relation.
  • Align IT goals with business goals.
  • Dealing with problems faced by IT enterprise.
  • Continual service improvements.
  • Familiarization of ITIL terminologies.
  • Concept, principles and processes of ITML.

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