IT & e-Learning: Review of 2015 & What To Expect In 2016.


The Tech industry is an ever-changing space and there are many trends that come and go. 2015 has been another amazing year for technological advancement and we’ve seen some incredible trends! However it is advised not to expect radical changes in 2016, However, We’ll see some current trends growing bigger, some of them slowly fading away and some smaller movements taking a part in the tech industry competition.

The big tech trends that will have a significant impact on the IT and business world in 2016 and beyond range from machine learning and neuromorphic computing architectures to a growth in sensory and contextual information and more ambient user experiences.

Could 2016 really balance out the difference between the physical and virtual world?

So far in 2015, there has been a lot of big data produced, from analytics, we know one thing for sure – 2016 will produce more and more BIG DATA. It’s the applications of these data that will change. In addition to the rise of the digital marketing industry with more and more businesses going online and embracing online marketing, the e-learning industry has also witnessed quite a remarkable growth.

Here are some interesting trends to expect in 2016:

Device & Digital Mesh To Reach New Heights:  2015, had us sitting at the center of an expanding set of devices, other people, information and services that are fluidly and dynamically interconnected. In 2016, we should expect this device/digital mesh to evolve & grow. This means accessing information and applications across all kinds of devices, phones, watches, smart TVs, home sensors and even cars’ dashboards.

3D Printing: There’s been a lot of hype around 3D printing which begs the question, could 3D food printing be the next big trend? As impossible as this may sound, 3D printing remains a major growth area with lots of potential especially with the ability to use materials such as glass, lead, aluminum and even organic matter! As the materials that can be 3D printed increase, so do the practical applications for 3D printers, with aerospace, medical, automotive, energy and the military all destined to benefit.

A major research area is bio-printing, where food is printed dot by dot to build up edible meals. “The aim is to create a range of food inks, basically substances that form gels with water, and the Holy Grail is to bring food to life from nothing,” says Dr Kevin Curran. The mission, as with all 3D printing, is to eliminate the production chain for food.

Artificial Intelligence: Another tech trend for 2016 and beyond – and tied up with the Information of Everything – is advanced machine learning, where computers automate data processing by learning and adapting. The end result is artificial intelligence. Handling complex data-sets requires deep neural nets (DNNs) that allow computers to both act autonomously and perceive the world on their own. In this fast evolving area, businesses that understand how to use advanced machine learning can get a huge competitive advantage.

e-Learning & Mobile Devices: With 2015 already seeing rapid changes in the e-Learning industry, we’re fully expectant to see a even busier 2016. With more and more businesses and professionals embracing e-learning, it is estimated that by 2020, 90% of all corporate training will be e-learning. In addition to massive growth in mobile learning, other trends to be expected in 2016 includes personalized learning, automation, gamification amongst several others. To find out more about the e-learning training & certifications, Visit e-Training Institute today to discover over 400+ professional training & certifications you can enroll for. Remember registration is free!

More Hackers & Death Of Anti-virus Softwares: With more digital businesses come more hackers, and with the birth of a new threat landscape we’re seeing the death of antivirus software. Techniques to avoid detection include frequently checking antivirus results and changing versions and builds on all infected servers when any traces of detection appear Cloud-based services and open APIs only make the demand for adaptive security higher.

The e-commerce industry will also witness a lot of improvement and more e-commerce businesses/brands deploying drones for delivery of items. Other industries where amazing trends should be expected includes automobiles, medical amongst several others. Whatever 2016 has to offer, we can be sure of one thing. It will be awesome.


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