How To Search Genre Specific Content On Netflix


Earlier on we posted an article informing you that Netflix is now available in Nigeria. However browsing Netflix’s offerings can be frustrating because the categories are too broad. If you want to narrow your search and browse genre specific content, Netflix has hundreds of categories that let you search not just for Dramas, but Crime Dramas, Dramas based on real life or Dramas to make you shed Tears.

One of the complaints we often hear from users is they actually spend more time looking for content rather than watching it. Thanks to an industrious individual over at “What’s On Netflix”, you can check out these sub-genres and their corresponding codes.

To browse any one of these secret genres categories, use the following url:

Simply replace INSERTNUMBER with the specific genre code.

These codes are particularly useful if you are a fan of foreign cinema and want to browse by country. Of course, they are also useful if you are in the mood for Scary killer movies or rib-cracking comedies or something that combines both.

To view the full list of genre and their codes, click here.


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