How To Convince Your Employees To Adopt E-learning Platform

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More and more companies are turning to e-learning to provide development opportunities to their employees, because it provides a cost-effective way through which companies can deliver interactive and engaging training content. Although, when we talk about developing employees, it is easy to find those individuals who do not want to further develop their careers or enhance their competencies through training programs or formal education; they are happy with what they are doing and they do not want to change. In many companies this seems to be a big challenge, and it is commonly one of the reasons why the Learning and Development initiatives lose their momentum.

Now, how do you convince such employees to adopt E-learning.? It is quite simple, innovative initiatives such as gamification and other contemporary learning practices which are becoming more popular. Bringing an organization to an e-learning platform in itself is a big task, and we do not want individualities to complicate the move right in the beginning. In this post we are going to provide you with some tips which will help you convince your employees into adopting an E-learning platform.

Exciting Launch

Organizing an exciting launch is one of the major strategy used in grabbing the attention of the employees.  It is crucial that when a company wants to communicate this initiative to its employees, it needs to have a “wow” factor, something to make this experience memorable and that they can relate to every time they think about their development. Therefore, when we look at companies that have managed to successfully implement digital learning platforms, we can see that it all began with an amazing release event, where the employees got excited about this new tool.

Introduce Healthy Competition

Many E-learning platforms have scoring and progression elements to it where users can compare results and managers can check progress. It is clear that creating a healthy competition environment motivates employees to use the platform to check and compare their progress and development with each other.

Link to Career Development

Most successful learning initiatives are tightly linked to a career progression curriculum, where companies draw a succession plan based on previous training courses completed. As such, many organizations have created, during the planning stages, a learning pathway to ensure that if any given employee wants to qualify and apply for a promotion they would have to complete a certain number of training courses related to the new position.

Create a Learning Culture

There are many other activities that could be listed here as motivation for team members to use learning platforms, however the most important aspect would have to be the creation of a learning culture throughout the company. Most companies ask their team members to develop their knowledge, enhance their competencies or acquire new skills through learning initiatives; however the management and executive teams are not following through with how this would impact the bottom line or their colleagues’ careers. This attitude has a negative impact on the teams’ openness to development solutions. Therefore it is crucial for any learning initiative to work to have the whole company working together to ensure learning is as much of a daily activity as reading emails.

Make It Entertaining

As Learning and Development professionals it is our duty to ensure that our initiatives are fun and enjoyable, even more so when we talk about eLearning or virtual classes. Gamification came as the most reasonable solution to this problem, as it motivates users by taping into their inner child and making it an inconspicuous learning experience.

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