How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In You

Convincing your boss to invest in your education

Employees who feel optimistic about their chance for career growth also feel more loyal to their employer and report higher levels of satisfaction and engagement. The key to having your employer pay for your education is to convince them of the benefits to the company that will result from your new skills. There are a variety of direct benefits that you should point out to your boss if he/she is not already aware of them. These include: increased loyalty; reduced employee turnover; increased productivity; ability to take on new projects and the opportunity to show leadership skills.

To be completely satisfied at work, employees need to be given an opportunity to grow and self-develop. Nobody wants to be stuck at a dead-end job with no prospects for professional advancement. You already know the benefits and what you can do for your company, but now you just have to convince your boss to invest in you. Here are some ways to convince your boss otherwise.

  1. Review the program you want your boss to invest in

Select the portions of the course that are most beneficial to you and your company, and then be prepared to be specific with your boss about how and why those specific portions are paramount for the organization. For example, if you were going to convince your boss to invest in an online learning course about culture change, you might share with him or her that turnover is high and the survey you’ll be able to send out to the workforce as a result of the course will help you understand why.

  1. Discuss Your Competitors

If your boss is a savvy businessperson, he will want to do anything he can to keep up with the competition, particularly if they’ve managed to find an effective training method that works for their staff. Pull some facts and data about specific training programs or modules that your competitors implemented with their staff, and show them the results.

  1. Describe long-term benefits for the company

Present a long-run view of how the company will suffer by having employees who are ill-equipped to meet daily challenges. Highlight how training and development will pay off regarding customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, but don’t forget to emphasize the effects that the investment will have on your job performance.

Moreover, your boss must understand that you can share the knowledge you gain from every educational opportunity with your co-workers. As a result, many workers will have enhanced skills that will make the company more efficient. Always convey to your boss that you have the best interest of the firm as your primary motivation.

  1. Present options

Your boss might not have any idea about how to invest in you, so have some proposals ready that illustrate appropriate methods for you to get the training you need. Present both online and off-line options and prepare to extol the virtues of available technology. For example, educational websites and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) provide fast and inexpensive ways to learn, which is great for corporate training.

Make sure you can also knowledgeably discuss the capabilities of Learning Management Systems (LMA) and School-as-a-Service (SaaS) opportunities if those fit your needs. If the education you need requires hands-on training, offer solutions that will achieve the necessary result.

  1. Backup with data

Avoid relying on generalities to make your argument for education. Research every suggestion you make, so you can readily inform your boss. For example, if you feel that your situation requires an online college course, explain how your participation in that class would contribute to your daily routine without sacrificing productivity. Find some data that will help establish your argument. Supply your boss with statistics that show the correlation between employee training and development and satisfaction.

For example, a survey shows that about 4/5 of employees who are satisfied with their employer-provided education are also satisfied with their employers. Another study demonstrates that 40% of all workers consider job-related training as essential to their satisfaction. When you highlight the connection between education and such an important business metrics, the numbers will make the case for you.

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