How To Choose Your Information Technology Career


In today’s high-tech world, new technology is introduced into our lives almost every day. Companies need help utilizing this technology to best fit their business needs. If you love working with computers and other forms of technology, you may want to consider choosing a career in Information Technology. But what is it about Information Technology that makes it such a lucrative career choice for up and coming professionals. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Low Cost of Education
  • Fastest Changing Industry
  • Better Income

First and foremost, you must not just like computers, you must be passionate about them. Passionate because the IT world is an ever changing world and only the passion can keep you in tune and abreast with latest technology trends.

For sake of explanation, I would categorize the Information Technology careers into three namely: Planning, Doing and Seeing.


This career path in IT is great for people with excellent communication and team working skills. Some courses include but are not limited to:


These are for the creative minds and the builders such as web designers, system developers, software engineers and many more. Popular courses that can be taken include but are not limited to:


These are for critical thinkers and analysts. People who venture into this path require continuous change in knowledge in order to keep up with the ever changing trends of IT. Some courses that can be taken include but are not limited to:

Think of yourself as a geek or computer guru, put your talent to work by taking up a career in Information Technology.

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