eTraining Institute: The Fundamentals of Software Development

People receiving a classroom training
Photo Credit: eTraining institute.

The more sophisticated technology becomes, the more the world relies on software. Software development creates a lot of value, this has been proven by different reports that the demand for Software Developers will increase exponentially over the next decade and the proof is happening right in front of us every single day. As the demand for software developers begins to increase, so also is the need to train. This is why eTraining Institute is providing different individuals with an understanding of basic software development concepts and practices that all software developers needs to know.

The training which took place on the 30th of September 2017 at the Institute’s training Centre, Ikoyi was themed “The fundamentals of Software Development”. The training was targeted at aspiring developers, professionals in other fields who wish to set up and manage their own online presence, individuals in other fields who wish to develop their own software.

student receiving a classroom training
The participants of the training.

Present at the event were Okafor Ogo and Tunde Ogunjimi, who are eTraining Institute’s in-house developers. The training started by 11:10am, with an orientation speech from Okafor, where he encouraged all the participants of the training to be open minded about software development. He also cheered all participant to get to know each other and should start seeing themselves as developers.

In his section, Okafor taught the fundamentals of web development, where he talked about the basic definitions of different development terminologies that every developers must know, they include the following:

Web: A web is a system of inter-connected network of various devices e.g. http.

Web Developing: Developing software applications on the web.

Web Developer: Is a person who works with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and other programing language to create websites and applications.

Website: A website is a collection of related files or web-pages

Web-Pages: Is a document which can be displayed in a web browser. Such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari.

Web server: A computer that hosts a website on the internet.

Web Technologies: Term used for many languages and multimedia packages that are used in conjunction with one another to produce dynamic websites. Such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Microsoft, NET Ruby, SASS, Bower Grunt, Python, WordPress, and PHP.

An instructor giving software development training
Tunde Ogunjimi, giving a lecture on HTML during the training.

Tunde Ogunjimi, anchored the practical section of the training where he taught about producing a website and getting to know Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). Tunde stated that without HTML a website cannot be produced. He continued by talking about the Code Editor for HTML, where he noted that using a code editor comes with extra features unlike using a normal Note-pad. He also suggested code editor like brackets and encouraged all participants to get acquainted with the code editor. He further continued by stating some common HTML elements which included: Heading, Body, Lists, Comments, Paragraphs, Horizontal rule, Line break, Images and Links.

Okafor Ogo ended the training by introducing all participants to programing languages. He defined programing as a list of instructions, task or activities given to a computer to do. These activities are written in a programming language, and examples of programing language will include: C, JavaScript. C++, Rust, Python. He also noted that they are a lot of programing languages in the world but for the course of the training, JavaScript will be adopted. Okafor went further to talk about JavaScript statement, JavaScript in the web-page, and JavaScript variables.

Instructor giving a training in the classroom.
Ogo Okafor, during the course of the training.

In our continuous effort to train and educate interested individuals with an understanding of basic software development concepts and practices,  eTraining Institute  Institute is providing a free training program. Theme: “How To Create And Manage An Online Business Using WordPress“. Training will hold on the 28th of October, 2017 by 10am prompt at eTraining Institute center, Ikoyi, Lagos.
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