Could This Solve IT Security Concerns For A Travelling Employee?


As a travelling employee have you ever wanted to send or share confidential files and worried if the cloud is a safe way to share them?

iTwin Connect takes a hardware approach to secure Web browsing via a VPN service and can be treated as an alternative to setting up a VPN server. A USB device with heavy-duty encryption built in, iTwin secures that travelling employee who needs secure remote access back to the office.
The iTwin device has two halves and both halves act as a key to your encrypted data. Give one half of your device to your client, business associate, friend or assistant and share files securely.

Put your data into SecureBox and send one half of your device across to your friend or collaborator.

The iTwin may look like a Flash drive, but it’s actually a networking tool designed to let you set up a secure connection between two computers over the internet, so that you can, for example, exchange files between your desktop and laptop. Yes, you can do the same thing for free with Dropbox, Google Drive, Windows Live Mesh, or a VPN. But iTwin is designed to be simple, secure, and private, and includes built-in safeguards that allow you to disable a lost unit. If you’re comfortable using a cloud-based service like Dropbox, or configuring Live Mesh or a VPN to share files among multiple machines, you probably don’t need iTwin. But then think again.

  • iTwin employs military-grade encryption and only the two halves know the key.
  • The iTwin uses Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud for authentication and encrypted file transmission.

For a travelling employee, frequent travelers and any small business struggling with remote access, iTwin Connect is worth the investment. Please share your thoughts and concerns with us in the comment section below.


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